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"Kojima Haruna is really sadistic"

Shinoda Mariko on TOKIOカケル


When asked what Mariko was, she replied that she is very masochistic. 

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Kojima Haruna (nyanchan22) IG 04.15.2014:
"こっちは朝だよ💛💛 #goodmorninggg #smoothie”
"Its morning here 💛💛 #goodmorninggg #smoothie”

Kojima Haruna (nyanchan22) IG 04.12.2014:
"Cheers for good work 😎💛"

Kojima Haruna (nyanchan22) IG 04.13.2014:
"Good morning 😎💛⭐️"

Kojima Haruna (nyanchan22) IG 04.14.2014:
"in the middle of make (-up) 💛"

Kojima Haruna (nyanchan22) IG 04.10.2014:
"Today is the 1st day, recording with the new teams ⭐️ It was warm when I went outside although the recording was in a studio. 💛 It was bright, it made me sullen 😂"


Takamina is really loved by all. Her bday party was heart warming. Thanks to Nyannyan and Miichan!